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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Live from ADHA...Part 2

You are not going to believe what a crazy night we had last night. The tram ride to then top of the mountain was so cool. The view was literally like being on top of the world. I have never been at that altitude before. I could tell that I was a little woozy, but I didn’t get sick.

Five of us were in the restaurant buying souvenirs and didn’t hear that our group was leaving. When we got to the tram station, we realized that we’d been left. Luckily, there were five young and rather attractive Army men that recognized us as part of the hygienist group and offered to give us a ride to the casino where we were going to have dinner. We thought it was our duty as American citizens to let these men “rescue” us. These guys were so polite and really treated us with respect. Bill even said I was enchanting! They swept us off our feet and we all climbed into their rented mini van. There wasn’t really room for all 10 of us in one van, but we were willing to squish together. If I were 20 years younger…well, I won’t go there. We got lost three times before we found the casino.

When we did arrive, we were escorted by the arm as we got out of the van. This was probably the single most fun evening I have had at an ADHA event yet.

Welcome to my life,

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