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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

When patients make me smile

Many of my patients have congratulated me on my recent award of distinction. It is very humbling and it touches my heart that my patients are proud of me.

Today, I received the nicest compliment from a long-time patient. Gloria has been struggling with arthritis for more than 20 years. She has very limited use of her right hand and cannot floss unless she uses floss picks. Gloria also has severe crowding and a tiny mouth. She never complains and has such a positive attitude. “It could always be worse,” is her motto. Today, she greeted me with a hug. While cleaning her teeth, Gloria told me that she probably would have given up on flossing had I not introduced her to alternatives. She thanked me for caring so much and said coming to see me is always a treat. Not every patient tells me that, that’s for sure! I was smiles the rest of the day.

Welcome to my life.

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